Raising Awareness

Just Blink is here to educate and spread awareness about the dangers of not using turn signals

Parterning with You

Together we can save lives.

just blink saves lives

Saving Lives

We are saddened by the carelessness of many people on the road today. that fail to use their turning signals


Who We Are

First we love the Lord with all our hearts, mind and strength and we love our neighbors as ourselves.  We are a family who believes that character and integrity are very important in our everyday lives.  
We care about people, serving our community and the safety of others.  
We are parents and grandparents who try to instill in our children and grandchildren the importance of loving God and people and to establish honesty and strong moral principles in them. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to save lives by bringing safety awareness to our communities.  We wish to educate all who travel on the highways, streets and roads everywhere, on the importance of using the safety equipment that is already installed in every motorized vehicle.  We are dedicated to spreading the word of safety in our travels.
     Our desire to save lives is our driving force. This is the reason we are so intentional about instructing the public on the importance of using “turn signals” when turning and changing lanes while driving.
    We want to emphasize the importance of communicating with one another while on the road.  We intend to spread the word that by adhering to the rules of the road by using turn signals and using our slogan, “Just Blink Saves Lives” we will be able to increase our chances to make it safely to our destinations.
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Carlos and Zandra Walker

Co-Chief Operating Officers